At ENVITA, we are helping our clients to rise to all kinds of environmental challenges (drawing up different documentation, obtaining consent and permits, development of environmentally friendly products and technological procedures) by providing solutions that are simple, effective and increase competitive advantage and reduce costs. Our activities involve:

  • writing of environmental impact reports, environmental reports, other studies and expert opinions regarding environment protection for companies, public institutions and local communities;
  • cooperation in the implementation of international projects regarding environmental technologies and chemical safety;
  • development and production of small (private) wastewater treatment plants.
Our activities have long been based on environmental considerations, which is reflected in our company's name. ENVITA, d.o.o., is a well-established company that has been actively involved in environment protection since 1995. Our mission is:
  • to provide services and be a strategic development partner of manufacturing companies in their development of solutions regarding environment protection, and to thus contribute to their efficiency;
  • to enable scientific and technical integration of knowledge regarding ecology and environment protection;
  • to develop and introduce original, practical and sustainable solutions that will reduce impact on the environment and preserve it for next generations.
Our advantages and reasons why you should be our business partner are as follows:
  • small and flexible company;
  • partnership with our clients;
  • interdisciplinary research group;
  • 15 years of experience;
  • cooperation with research centres and universities in Slovenia and abroad with the purpose of providing complete interdisciplinary solutions.
We are looking forward to working with you and are kindly inviting you to join the rest of our satisfied clients.