Welcome to Envita’s web pages

At Envita we are involved with design and development of hydraulic turbomachinery and systems. Our customers are renowned European pump and hydrodynamic torque converter manufacturers for whom we develop, modernize and optimize hydraulic components, perform consulting tasks and trouble-shooting.

Our engineers have great experience with hydraulic development of:

  • pumps for water transport, drainage and irrigation,
  • cooling and boiler feed pumps in thermal power plants,
  • pumps in process industry,
  • marine pumps,
  • pumps in sea-water desalination systems,
  • circulating pumps in heating systems
  • hydrodynamic torque converters,
  • hydrodynamic couplings,...

We are engaged also with optimization of hydraulic systems in order to minimize energy consumption in pumping stations and with development of unconventional hydraulic machinery for new applications. Apart from research, development and consulting services we have the possibility of performing model machine tests on our own test rig.

We are involved with machinery vibration as well. We perform rotordynamic analysis (lateral and torsional) of rotating machinery.

We cooperate also with other research institutions and research groups from University of Ljubljana.