Marjan Gantar, Ph.D.
tel: + 386 1 422 81 07 fax: + 386 1 422 81 06

After successfully finished Bachelor’s studies at the Faculty of mechanical engineering in Ljubljana in 1975, he started his professional career in the national institute for hydraulic machinery Turboinstitut in Ljubljana, where he was head of the Pump Division for twenty years. At the Faculty of mechanical engineering in Ljubljana he was awarded the Master of Science degree in 1981 with the thesis “Geometry influence on hydraulic parameters at different operating conditions for centrifugal pumps” and the Ph.D. degree in 2002 with the thesis “Flow conditions in impeller side chambers at hydraulic turbomachinery and their influence on axial thrust”. Since 2003 he has been employed in Envita. He is the company’s co-owner and manager of the Hydraulic Turbomachinery Program. His work has been connected particularly with hydraulic development, mechanical design and testing of pumps, hydrodynamic torque converters and hydrodynamic couplings. In the past years he has been involved also with education of pump users in thermal and nuclear power plants in Slovenia and abroad. He has published many papers in international reviewed journals and with his contributions actively taken part at scientific and technical meetings in United Kingdom (British Pump Manufacturer Association), Germany (Pumpentagung), Slovenia (Conference on Hydraulic Machinery) and USA (ASME).

Tine Gantar, Ph.D.
tel: + 386 1 422 81 08

With a scholarship for talented students he graduated at the Faculty of mechanical engineering in Ljubljana in 2002. Afterwards he continued with postgraduate studies at the same faculty. He has been employed in Envita since 2004. His work in the company is mainly engaged with hydrodynamic torque converters, unconventional pump designs and rotordynamic analysis of turbomachinery. He is also responsible for planning and execution of model machine tests on Envita’s test rig. In recent years he has published several papers in international reviewed journals. In 2008 he obtained the Ph.D. degree defending his thesis “Energy characteristics of radial turbomachinery with unconventional flow direction”.

Miha Gantar, B.Sc.
tel: + 386 4 510 62 93

After finishing three years of studies at the Faculty of civil engineering in Ljubljana he was awarded a two-year scholarship of “Dr. Otto and Karla Likar” foundation for continuation of his studies at the Technical University Munich. In Munich he improved his German and Spanish language skills and in 2005 successfully graduated at the Technical University Munich. In the same year he was employed in Envita, where he is involved especially with hydraulic development, reconstruction and optimization of different types of single- and multi-stage pumps. His work is also connected with planning and reconstruction of pumping stations in order to minimize energy consumption.